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TABDC Welcomes New Armenian Assembly Chairman

TABDC Welcomes New Armenian Assembly Chairman

April 11, 2002

Mr. Peter Vosbikian, Chairman

Armenian Assembly of America

122 C Street, NW Suite 350, Washington DC

Dear Mr. Vosbikian,

It is with great pleasure that the Turkish Armenian Business Development Council welcomes your appointment as the Chairman of the Armenian Assembly of America.

I would like to express my sincere congratulations and hope that your new leadership role within the Armenian community creates the opportunity for the Armenian Assembly to contribute to the strengthening of regional economic cooperation that the TABDC has been steadfastly pursuing between our homelands of Armenia and Turkey.

I would like to propose the establishment of an economic task force with your help that could foster the development of cross-border economic relationships in key sectors such as textiles and tourism between the successful American entrepreneurs in the Assembly and future partners in Eastern Turkey and Armenia, both long suffering from the current political situation. Not only can we be creative in finding new business opportunities that can benefit people struggling on both sides of the Turkish-Armenian border, but even small success stories will undoubtedly highlight the concrete benefits of such a collaborative approach in terms of economic welfare, normalization of political relations and pacification of the region.

Please accept, Mr. Vosbikian, my best wishes and highest considerations. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the possibilities for the development of regional strategies that benefit both our constituencies.


Kaan Soyak



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