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TABDC participated in the EU-Sponsored Regional Conference “e-Development for Caucasus

TABDC participated in the EU-Sponsored Regional Conference “e-Development for Caucasus

IT E-Caucasus Initiative

The European Union’s Caucasus Information Technology Initiative (CITI) aims to support the S. Caucasus’ integration into the global information community; to strengthen and diversify cooperation with the EU in the framework of the e-Europe initiative and serve also as additional catalysts for confidence-building in the S. Caucasus region; to raise awareness of decision makers in the region on ICT issues and assist Governments of South Caucasus in drawing-up and implementing national information strategies; to create institutional capacity for regional e-Initiatives. “In the light of the importance the EU attaches to regional co-operation, we renew our readiness to support this, as well as other possible cross-border initiatives. One example of our support to regional co-operation is the organization of a Regional Conference on Information Technologies in Yerevan on April 15 to 17, which we hope will make an important contribution to promoting economic development in Armenia and the Southern Caucasus. The EU calls on all OSCE Participating States, particularly those in the region, to participate in this Conference”. This regional two-day conference for up to 150 participants representing the countries of the Caucasus, Russia, Iran, Turkey, as well as EU states, and TACIS, and other international and regional organizations.The main themes of the Conference are:e-Governance: Building on Sound Policies and Governance, Paradigm shift in planning and governance.e-Learning: e-Youth /Youth Learning development program.e-Business: assist in the establishment of Strong Private Sector Development Environment.Integrating S. Caucasus region into global information society through capacity Building, Access and a New Regulation Environment.e-Culture: Cultural diversity values and new information technologies’ opportunities and challenges (shift in cultural design, e-content etc.)It is expected that the Yerevan Conference will have a broad impact on ICT policy in the region by strengthening existing initiatives and stressing e-initiative as a priority for integration.The final report of the Conference will include recommendations on further development of an Information Society and practical implementation of cooperation between S. Caucasus and EU in science and technology.As a result of the Conference, Working Groups will be set up at the national and regional levels to develop an Action Plan for increasing public awareness in corresponding domains.


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