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A Joint Project by the Turkish-Armenian Business

Development Council (TABDC) (Istanbul, Turkey) and the

Armenian Marketing Association (AMA) (Yerevan, Armenia)


Project title: “River Arax – the Path to Peace and Tolerance”

Project Initiator: Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council (TABDC) (Istanbul, Turkey), Armenian Marketing Association (AMA) (Yerevan, Armenia)

Submitted for funding to: US Embassies in Ankara and Yerevan

Project Description: TABDC and AMA are initiating a project to shoot a documentary about river Arax that separates the two countries. Each participating country will create a separate 30-minute documentary having the same content that will later on become one.

Both Armenian and Turkish parties will shoot a 30-minute documentary. The documentary will be aimed to present the uniqueness of the river that for centuries has been a border to two neighboring countries. Each movie will present a separate perspective of values that the river carries as a common, shared treasure. The movie will instigate the start of processes that will put an end to vicious stereotypes by nourishing tolerance in differences of attitudes and cultures. Eventually, the two movies will merge into one reflective documentary that will be translated into English, as well as appear in both Turkish and Armenian.
The Documentary will help to acquaint the inhabitants of both sides with the living processes, problems and thoughts. The project will serve as a basis for creating links between the countries.

Since river Arax is a strategically salient gift of nature, the project elaborates on the relevant issues that the river may become a clue and a solution to if looked more closely at its comprehensive significance from the point of view of a number of spheres. The intended spheres to be addressed are as follows:
• Environment – with a major focus on desertification, pollution of water,
• Economy – possibilities to establish trade relations and cooperation
• Energy – creation of alternative energy resources, hydroelectric power plant,
• Political – closed border, existing problems
• Social – social status of ethnic groups residing by the river
• History – the history of settlement around the river, its changes and events
Thus, the following objectives will be pursued in the framework of the project:
• Organize necessary events that will upgrade the possibilities to address the issues to be covered in the program,
• Create a favorable platform for the documentary by incorporating local self-governance bodies, US Embassies, Ministries of Foreign Affairs,
• Raise the awareness of both parties and stakeholders towards the significance of the river,
• Reshape the perception of the two nations towards the river as a mutually shared and potentially enduring resource.

The project will result in the following short-term and long-term outcomes:
• A full-length documentary that presents perceptions, approaches, and viewpoints of both participating nations,
• Presentation of the documentary on various occasions and event,
• A mutually shared and created product of relevant Turkish and Armenian involved professionals that will endure peace and tolerance,
• Analysis, study and juxtaposition of different perceptions towards the river and its potentials and significances,
• Awareness of the parties at stake, including the governments, nations, various audiences, movie professionals, of the natural gift,
• Creation of more tolerant societies,
• Impetus to development of joint projects between Turkey and Armenia.

1. Elaboration, development, writing, and proofreading of the scenario
2. A round table summoned in Gyumri, an Armenian city close to the border of Turkey
3.  Finalization of the scenario based on clarifications, proposals, etc
4. Armenian team travels to Turkey for some required activities in regards to the documentary
5. The shooting of the documentary is in progress
6. Turkish team travels to Armenia for some required activities in regards to the documentary
7. Two separate documentary are merged
8. The final merged movie is translated into English and Turkish/Armenia
9. The movies is presented to audience in Armenia and Turkey
10. Both project parties develop a project report and present to US Embassies in the respective countries.

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