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Panel Meeting With Mr. Kaan Soyak of TABDC

  Panel Meeting With Mr. Kaan Soyak of TABDC

Dear NYCTurk Members,

We are looking forward to seeing you at the panel meeting which we have organized to foster friendly awareness between two nations. Guest speaker is Mr.Kaan Soyak, co-chairman of Turkish Armenian Business Development Council of which you can have further information at www.tabdc.org, please also see the attached article about Mr.Kaan Soyak for more information about him.

Hope to see you tomorrow night. Please kindly forward this invitation

to your colleagues.

Below follow more details about the event.


Intercollegiate Turkish Students Society

“Our efforts are aimed at promoting closer and

warmer relations among younger generations of all nations.”

Intercollegiate Turkish Students Society cordially

invites you to a panel meeting with,

Mr. Kaan Soyak,

Co-Chairman, TABDC “Turkish Armenian Business

Development Council”

Present situation of the relations between two

countries, and TABDC; foundation, mission,

economical and social activities of TABDC, and


TABDC is the the first and only official link between

the Armenian and Turkish public and private sectors.

Please refer to www.tabdc.org for further reference.

Date : Friday, April 12th 2002

Time : 8:00 p.m.

Location : Carman Lounge /

Columbia University, Broadway and 116th Street in



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