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Message from Co-Chairs


TABDC believes in transparency to dissipate any atmosphere of suspicion.

The on-going dialogue and cooperation should remain an open process, inclusive and unifying.

We share the burden of the past and bear a joint responsibility for a bright future for our peoples.

Dialogue and interaction between public organizations and business associations are a pre-requisite for establishing mutual understanding, handling sensitive issues and achieving prosperity in our region.

We are in favor of concrete actions and attainable objectives. A pragmatic approach can highlight the mutual interests of both Armenians and Turks and have a direct and lasting impact on public opinion.

Deeds are more important than speeches. As fear is widespread, nothing can be taken for granted. Dialogue requires courage and building trust and confidence is essential.

TABDC is motivated by the past sufferings and present yearnings and hopes of people in Armenia, Turkey and diaspora. As mature European countries, we must strive to ensure success in our endeavors.

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